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          Brand Introduction

          Haikuo enterprise management consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is responsible for the operation of Seawind consulting in China. Seawind consulting is an internationally registered brand, composed of internationally recognized barristers, lawyers, certified public accountants and other professionals. It has many years of experience in studying laws and tax systems around the world, and provides international legal and accounting professional services for the development of foreign investment of enterprises.

          • 1

            The first license in the country is not successful, and the fee will be refunded in full

          • 2

            Implement the responsibility system, and be responsible to the end in case of mistakes

          • 3

            Fine management to achieve "zero" error rate

          • 4

            Business delegation all realize one-to-one management

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          24-hour consultation hotline
          Haikuo enterprise management
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          Zhongshan Second Road,
          Huangpu District, Shanghai
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